Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Maima D.Beer
English 12
Date: 04/02/12
America an imperialistic nation or Not

There are two different perspectives of how the US is viewed by its citizens and by the world. The US view itself as a representative force that only seeks to defend democracy, by helping opposite nations and spreading this democracy. But the world on the other distribute views the US as an Imperialist Nation that seeks its own interest, by exploiting weaker nations and controlling these nations at the same time. Imperialism is a policy of extending a bucolics power and influence through discretion or military force; and the US is guilty of this.
The US for years has denied the occurrence that its an imperialistic nation, which in fact we are. Americans are lead to deal through the media that when we invade or occupy other nations is in that nations benefit, when in fact thats the total opposite its in our interest to gain capital.

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America uses loans to in debt other nations to them, in john Perkins EHM one of his job description was to work to let out the countries that receive loan from the US (corporation in partnership with the government), so they would forever beholden to the United States there creditors and would be flaccid targets, when we needed favors which includes military bases, UN votes and access to oil and other natural resources. But this information is withheld from the Americans, we are only shown and made to believe we are helping these third world countries out and not exploiting them. Take for example when we invaded Iraq after 9/11, we Americans believe what the media was nutrition us which was the only reason we invaded this boorish was our fight to release the world of terrorism, and also to get rid of the countries old governing because that will benefit the countrys citizens. That was not the case, we invaded this country simply for its natural resources and at the end left the country more disastrous then it was before we occupied it. In Mark Zepezauers The...If you want to get a ample essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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