Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How Transportation Greatly Impacted On People’s Li

How Transportation Greatly Impacted on Peoples Lives

There are three main inventions that I view greatly improved transportation to this day. The automobile, the plane, and the train. In the paragraph downstairs I will tell you how they greatly impacted transportation.
one and only(a) of the main three inventions is the automobile. People could now move off to the suburbs and have peace outside the big cities. It overly do locomotion and go farting around a chew easier and quicker. It didnt just deal transportation easier it also provided tons of jobs for a lot of people and increased business for a lot of people.
Another one of the main inventions is the airplane. It also do traveling long places a lot easier. You could now move or go visit a relative far a trend. Airplanes made it a lot cheaper than having to ride a car if it was a far distance. It made many jobs for companies to make metal for the planes and to make landings for them.

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The third of the main inventions is the train. With the train you could impinge on the sub way to work instead of wasting gas every day. It also helped shipping things across the states. The train also saved a lot of gas and oil instead of taking trucks to get things shipped.
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