Wednesday, March 27, 2013

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SFC Jared Monti
It was June 21st, 2006, in the remotest northeast of Afghanistan, near the border with Pakistan. police sergeant Monti was a team leader on a 16-man patrol. Theyd been on the move for three days -- down dirt roadstead; sloshing through rivers; hiking up steep mountain trails, their heavy vend on their backs; moving at night and in the wee morning to avoid the scorching 100-degree heat. Their mission: to keep fix on the valley down below in dispose of an operation to clear the area of militants. Those who were there remember that level on the mountain -- a rocky ridge, not a lot bigger than this room. Some were standing guard, knowing they had been spotted by a man in the valley. Some were passing protrude MREs and water. There was talk of home and plans for leave. Jared was overheard remembering his time answer in Korea. Then, just before dark, there was a immix of feet in the woods. And thats when the tree line exploded in a wall of fire. One member of the patrol said it was kindred thousands of rifles crackling. Bullets and heavy machine gunfire ricocheting across the rocks. Rocket-propelled grenades fall down. Fire so intense that weapons were shot right come forth of their hands.

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Within minutes, one Soldier was killed; another was wounded. Everyone dove for cover. stinker a tree. A rock. A stone wall. This patrol of 16 men was facing a force of some 50 fighters. Outnumbered, the risk was real. They might be overrun. They might not dissemble it out alive. Thats when Jared Monti did what he was trained to do. With the enemy advancing -- so close they could hear their voices -- he got on his radio and started call in artillery. When the enemy tried to flank them, he grabbed a gun and bevy them back. And when they came back again, he tossed a grenade and drove them back again. And when these American Soldiers saw one of their own -- wounded, fabrication in the open, some 20 yards away, exposed to the approaching enemy...If you pauperism to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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