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The Story of Khubayb

The Story of Khubayb

One Morning in Madinah half dozen Moslem men including Khubayb Ibn Adiy of Aws went out to spread Islam to neighbouring tribes. Soon they arrived at a watering place in Raji. As they were in that respect some men of Hudhayl approached and attacked them seeking avenge for the killing of wiz of their chiefs. Khubayb saw his fellow Muslims killed and was interpreted captive along with a moan of Khazraj named Zayd. Khubayb was then taken to Makkah and remained there until he was interchange to one of the Quraish clans. This clan was called Bani Nawful. Bani Nawful then gave Khubayb away to a phallus of the clan with the intention that he be killed in revenge for the death of one of their members by the hands of the Muslims. Khubayb was kept in a cell for a long time until the spiritual months were finished. During these months Khubayb sat in his cell, fed with only little small bits of scraps and treated horribly like an animal.

Soon afterward in Safar, early in the morning, Khubayb was tied up and was taken outside to smell the fresh air after a long time. He was then brought to a carriage and was taken to Tanim just outside of Makkah. There he met his fellow Muslim Zayd. They ran to each other and embraced for they had not seen each other in a long time.

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Pulled away after talking, Khubayb was then taken just a bit of a distance away to a pole. Knowing that he was going to be killed, Khubayb asked the Quraish if could supplicate two Rakahs for it is very good to pray just in the lead you die. After praying he was then grabbed and was tied to the pole. While being tied up he was asked many questions. Thy asked Khubayb repeatedly, we will permit you go free if you revert from Islam. Khubayb rejected them everywhere and over again. They asked Khubayb, would you wish that Muhammad where here in your place? Khubayb responded saying; I would not wish that he suffered even the prick of a thorn rather than I be here in this state. This made them angry, and some man began to...If you want to spawn a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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