Sunday, October 27, 2013

Cheyenne Indians

capital of Wyoming Indians, an important Plains tribe, speaking a language belong to the Algonquian family. Their name is derived from the Sioux Indian word that means muckle of unknown region speech. In 1804 the explorers Lewis and Clark met the capital of Wyoming tribe high-priced the Black Hills of South Dakota, still there is evidence that forward 1700 the Cheyenne had lived a to a greater extent colonised existence in Minnesota. By the mid-1800s the Cheyenne had hold up fully adapted to a nomadic way of invigoration based on the hunting of big game, primarily bison and antelope. Fish, small game, and wild vegetable foods supplemented their diet. The Cheyenne lived in skin tepees and employment skin clothing. In the nomadic period, the Cheyenne engaged in most continuous warfare with neighboring tribes and, aft(prenominal) 1860, with the white men. Camps of affable Cheyenne were attacked by U.S. Army troops at change tree Hollow and Sand Creek, and their women and children were slaughtered. In 1876 the northern Cheyenne helped vote down Custers force at Little Bighorn. Later, however, they met legions reverses and ceased fighting after destruction of the camps of chiefs Dull Knife and 2 Moons. After these defeats, the Northern Cheyenne were resett lead in Indian Territory (now Oklahoma) along with the Southern Cheyenne, who had settled earlier in southern Colorado.
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several(prenominal) attempts to leave Oklahoma failed; the last was in 1879, when 64 Indians were killed by troops and 78 recaptured. Later one mental reservation was complete in Montana and another in Oklahoma. The Cheyenne were organize into 10 main bands made up of family g roups. These bands were led by a council of ! 45 peace chiefs, each a illustrious warrior chosen for a 10-year term of office. Cutting across the bands were the military societies. Originally five in number, these increased to sevensome during the nineteenth century. They... If you want to get a full essay, roam it on our website:

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