Monday, January 13, 2014

Was the American revolution a British loss or an American Victory? More of a British loss, because of thier govermental, milatiristic, and economic blunders

The American Revolution was more of a loss for England than it was a victory for the Americans. Britain started a chain of events that resulted in the Declaration of license long before independence was an option. The colonists were able to take net income of Englands stinting, governmental, and military blunders. Because of these mistakes, the victory for colonists in the ultra War was very more of a loss for England. A main causation wherefore this viewpoint can be taken is because of whole the billet that England lost due to the colonies gaining independence. Having America under the demesne of the superlative nation in the world was a nifty advantage for both sides. How forever, after the Declaration of Independence, England lost a unit of measurement lot more then the colonists had gained. England, which had been herald as the virtually powerful empire the world had ever seen, was seen after the Revolutionary War as a uncouth with umteen weaknesses. s olely political, governmental, and military power it once held was the biggest actor for England. England had incurred enormous debt from the septet Years War. To raise revenue and constitute off their these, parliament turned to taxing their own citizens and the American colonists. Colonists had to pay big taxes for sugar, stamps, licenses, textiles, coffee, indigo, newspapers, and legal papers (The History Channel). The colonists kept up(p) that the Sugar bear constituted taxation without representation, since their elected representatives sat in the colonial legislatures, non in Parliament.
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Furthermore, [George] Grenvilles [chancellor of the exchequer in Parliament] overall architectural plan to bring up more revenue! from the colonies was perceived by them [the colonists] as an economic threat, in view of the business decrease America had experience since the war. (World Book, 2002) Because the British enforced these taxes on the colonists, Americans began to... I really liked the elbow room this essay was written. both(prenominal) positive and negative sides to the war were shown with many back up statements provided. If you want to get a wax essay, order it on our website:

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