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South Asian Political Science

[Name of Writer][Name of Institute][Course][Date]Indian Economic PlanningIndia gained independence from the British in 1947 . The rescue was moribund and mostly based upon husbandry . Industrial study was verbose . Poverty and hunger was rampant . The British political sympathies did non remediate agriculture practices . The infrastructure was not developed . The railroad chase after trunk only connected the major ports to the major top centers . Cites like Bombay and Madras were major centers of trade and commerce . The industries were not decently developed . Illiteracy epidemics , famine , high mortality ramble and misery were some of the problems faced by IndiaThe Indian regime pursued a st enjoingy to improve the stinting conditions of its bulk . The accent was on socialistic system which would enable econom ic suppuration , self reliance and poverty eradication . The economic system was to be a mixed one with both globe and undercover celestial spheres (Acharya , 124India s first and second quint year casts advocated the radical law of heavy industries . They likewise aimed at raising the savings rate and to build the sparing in the aftermath of the colonial evolution and partition . The aims of the five year plans were to reduce alien mastery and develop indigenous exertion . They besides aimed to bar economic power from being monopolized by few selected . They also wanted to establish government control of the economy . speech pattern was also placed on development of heavy industries . some other policies and regulatory controls were also introduced . The logical system behind this was that once industrialization occurred the benefits would spread to the poor deal .India s economic planning by the government was not a success . The economic system was one of t he worst systems in the world . A syllabus ! of politicians and bureaucrats managed the economy for their own interests The economy was a mixture of nation capitalism and corporatism . The bureaucracy was incapable . These policies were inadequate in amend the economic condition of the Indian mintUnder Nehru the Indian government curb off entailments and created a protect market for domestic industries . home(prenominal) production was plagued by low fictional character and obsolete products . The policies retard economic development . The automobile industry for instance produced dickens models for about forty yearsThe second five year plan eliminated imports by introducing high tariffs and low quotas . The bighearted industries were nationalized . The bureaucracy gave licenses to in the buff industries . If an industry was losing money it was not shut down still instead provided with government subsidies . This take to chaos and caused unproductivity . A fuddled emphasis on protectionism and import substitutio n was placed on industrialization . Indian indemnity makers expected that both unrestricted and private sectors were involved which would be a middle dash between a Soviet style central economy and US style rid market economy (Ahluwalia , 134Businesses were also set up in backward areas of India . This required producing goods which could be afforded by the poor people . India s economic plans were financed by fetching away agricultural resources and put them in the industrial sector . This led to neglect of agriculture and development...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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