Saturday, February 1, 2014

Unconstitutional: The War On Our Civil Liberties

br To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin , a country that is automatic pistol to sacrifice civil liberties for galosh deserves neither . In the race of family line 11 , the United States has found itself reinforcement that inglorious statement : the country is neither safe nor freePoliticians played on the fears of the American public after the terrorist attack and stole the intimately basic and trusted of American freedoms : the rights to life , liberty and the pursuit of happiness Prior to the Patriot Act , anyone arrested by American justness enforcement was guaranteed to be charged or released within 48 hours . Then , under the speedy trial provisions of the U .S . Constitution , those who were charged were guaranteed that their cases would progress . This is non so since September 11This is non the first time in America n bill that persons living within the United States set about been held indefinitely during measure of war . Japanese-Americans from southern California were taken to so-called withstand camps after the attack on Pearl Harbor in humans War II . The crime is that we own not learned the slightons of history , that we apologize and in some cases guard restitution for the same thing we are now iterate at Guantanimo Bay and in other places around the worldThe biggest calamity of the Patriot Act and the methods used by federal police force enforcement in the wake of September 11 is that of these actions would form prevented the terrorist attacks . kind of , these methodologies encourage people to be more secretive and little open . The only way the attack on the area Trade Center could have been avoided would have been for there to have been a better exchange of informationPerhaps it is a sign that American education is lacking , or evidence that those in force-o ut get out always seek to increase their po! wer , hardly the truthfulness is the Patriot Act has not done anything to caution international terrorism or increase American safety . We have , in fact sacrificed our freedom and in devolve disoriented both it and our safety...If you want to get a bountiful essay, request it on our website:

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